Other PBS&T products and services include:

Process development, application support, consulting and training of users in the field of
Focused Ion Beam Modification of Integrated Circuits (FIB Circuit Edit)

Design, construction, installation, and support of aftermarket upgrades and hardware
enhancements for FIB and SEM equipment

Electron-optics design, simulations, and computer optimization of particle beam optics,
mechanical design of particle beam instrumentation components. Prototyping of
particle beam aparatus

Refurbishment of consumables for FIB and SEM equipment: 14 aperture strips for Vectra
986, Vectra 986+, VectraVision, Acura, and other FIB systems with NextGen or VisIon Ga
LMIS column,
7 aperture strips for Micrion 2000, Micrion 8000, Micrion 9000, and all other
FIB systems with Jupiter-Head Ga LMIS columns;
column liner tube with apertures for
SEMs manufactured by Leo / Zeiss and Opal / AMAT and based on Gemini column,
detectors for FIB tools, MCP detectors for SEM tools, CCIG gages, etc...

Third party support for
industrial FIB and SEM equipment, originally manufactured by
Micrion / FEI and Opal / AMAT.
Component level repair of system electronics, circuit boards,
controllers, user interface panels, motion controllers, motor drivers, etc...

Construction, service, and repair of industrial, analytical, and
scientific instrumentation
Micrion, FEI, Micrion 2000, Micrion 2100, Micrion 9000, Micrion 9100, Micrion 9500, Micrion 9800, Vectra 980, Vectra 986,
VectraVision, Accura 800, and Accura 850 are trademarks of FEI Company, Inc. Opal, AMAT, Opal 7830, Opal 7830i, Opal 7830Si,
VeraSem, VeraSem 3D, SemVision, and SemVision Cx are trademarks of Applied Materials Company, Inc. Gemini, Leo, and
ZEISS are trademarks of ZEISS Company, other trademarks are property of there's respective owners and used for the sole purpose
of accurate identification and description of the supported and serviced equipment.

PBS&T, MEO Engineering Company Inc. is not affiliated with, and does not represent OEMs of the supported equipment
Particle Beam Systems & Technology
Microchannel Plates from North Night Vision Technology

Variety of Microchannel Plates, individual MCP and matched resistance MCP
sets, standard MCP and specialty Microchannel Plates made to order available
in imaging and engineering grades with competitive lead times and typical
prices of 1/3 to 1/2 of the competitors. Refurbishm
ent of MCP detectors for TOF,
 SEM, and FIB systems and custom-designed MCP detectors are available,

contact us for details.

Part Number system and Price List are online for easy ordering